What do we do?

     The Golden Rule Preschool includes 3 different rooms with different learning centers in each one — each with enticing materials based on levels of engagement and current curriculum—that your child will be introduced to over the period of time spent with us. The oldest children here are leaders, mentors, role models and helpers for the younger children, and the younger children look up to & learn from their older peers.

We allow our children in the facility to move freely, choosing their own work, and places to sit, your child will have plenty of opportunities to practice social interaction. We provide a curriculum based on individual learning styles that cater to each child’s needs and abilities to ensure proper childhood development. Our children are given many varieties of projects, activities, games, materials, and more to choose from that will help them to develop in many different ways so that they are all given the opportunity to do things that they each love and enjoy. As we get to know each and every child personally, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve their experience here with us and make it a more interesting and inviting environment for each individual child.

The Golden Rule is where your child will experience the amazing benefits of the 3-4 year age range. Young children really do love to imitate their older peers, and children who have been enrolled here for one or two years set a beautiful example for the littlest children. The younger children see the advanced work of the older children, and truly look forward to doing that work themselves! They also see the work ethic and the helpful actions of the older children, and emulate these as well. The culture of respect and learning is immersive, exhilarating, and greatly accelerating for each child’s learning.

For the older children, it is an opportunity to practice real leadership, in whatever way their particular personality tends towards. Some children love to help the younger children, zipping a jacket, pouring a glass of water, or comforting an upset child. Others take great pride in showing younger children how to do certain activities, or inviting them to watch their work. Still others offer their help with classroom tasks such as keeping the room clean, or wiping tables and chairs so that everyone can enjoy the classroom. 

Overall, we help children learn through free choice play and also positive social interaction through specific lessons in grace and courtesy. Rather than constantly correcting your child’s behavior from a negative perspective, children are instead shown what to do in each situation. We believe our curriculum and lessons in grace and courtesy will help mold your little one into a courteous school aged child when they leave our facility and head to “big school”. We also want for them to be able to navigate their world with confidence and consideration for others now and in the future.

We are a sponsor of the Food Program and our menus are approved by the USDA according to the Office of Child and Nutrition.

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